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Achieve a Smoother And
More Sculpted Silhouette

Body contouring in Davis County is an aesthetic procedure that sculpts and reshapes the body by targeting specific areas of excess fat, cellulite, and sagging skin. It aims to enhance natural body contours, resulting in a more toned, defined appearance. Utilizing advanced technologies like the STAR T-SHOCK cryolipolysis device, our body contouring treatments precisely target and eliminate stubborn fat cells while improving skin elasticity and firmness. Whether addressing love handles, thighs, or abdominal bulges, body contouring offers a non-invasive solution to achieve a smoother, more sculpted silhouette.

A woman enjoying her slim figure after body contouring in Davis County, Utah

Body Contouring Treats the Following Conditions:

  • Stubborn fat pockets
  • Cellulite
  • Sagging or loose skin
  • Signs of aging, such as wrinkles
  • Lack of muscle tone

How Does Star T-SHOCK
Body Contouring Work?

The STAR T-SHOCK body contouring system uses cryolipolysis to target and eliminate stubborn fat. This process involves the precise application of cold temperatures to the treatment area, typically ranging from 12 to 17 degrees Celsius. During the treatment, the cold induces a physiological response in the fat cells, triggering a process called apoptosis. This causes the fat cells to undergo programmed cell death without harming the surrounding tissues or skin.

Following the cold exposure, the STAR T-SHOCK device automatically transitions to a period of heat application. This thermal shock stimulates the body’s natural processes, including vasodilation and lymphatic drainage, which help to flush out the crystallized fat cells over the following weeks. By alternating between cold and heat, STAR T-SHOCK not only targets fat reduction but also enhances skin elasticity and muscle tone, resulting in a more sculpted and toned appearance without invasive procedures. If you’re interested in how body contouring in Davis County can help you reach your aesthetic goals, contact us for a consultation.

STAR T-SHOCK Body Contouring Offers These Unique Advantages:

  • No surgery or incisions required
  • Minimal side effects and no downtime
  • Targets specific areas of stubborn fat and cellulite
  • Ensures the safety of surrounding tissues
  • Treats multiple concerns, including fat reduction, cellulite, and skin tightening
  • Stimulates the body’s own processes for gradual and natural fat elimination
  • Guests can resume normal activities immediately after treatment
A woman in a bathing suit stands in front of a wood slatted wall outside beside a grassy lawn in the sun, showing off her body contouring in Davis County, Utah

We Use Styku for 3D Body Analysis

Before initiating our body contouring treatments, we use the advanced Styku 3D body analysis technology to provide a comprehensive assessment of each guest’s unique body composition.

This cutting-edge system enables us to accurately capture precise measurements and create detailed 3D models, allowing us to understand each individual’s body shape and contours. This allows us to curate personalized body contouring plans to address specific concerns and goals.

Your Personalized Body Contouring Session

During your body contouring in Davis County, you’ll relax comfortably as the STAR T-SHOCK device is applied to the targeted areas. First, controlled cooling is delivered to initiate the process of fat cell elimination. You may feel a cold sensation initially, followed by numbness in the treated area. Then, the device transitions to a period of gentle heat. Throughout the session, you can read, listen to music, or relax. After the treatment, you can return to your daily activities.

A man standing in a nondescript room, shirtless, showing off a toned physique after body contouring in Davis County, Utah

Aftercare Guidelines to Ensure Optimal Results With Body Contouring:

  • Drink plenty of water to help flush out fat cells and toxins from the body
  • Follow a balanced diet rich in vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains
  • Engage in regular physical activity to enhance the elimination of fat cells
  • Protect treated areas from direct sunlight to prevent skin damage
  • Adhere to any specific guidelines provided by your practitioner
  • Schedule any recommended follow-up visits to track progress

Are There Any Side Effects of Body Contouring?

Body contouring with the STAR T-SHOCK device is generally well-tolerated, with minimal side effects. Some guests may experience temporary redness, numbness, or mild discomfort in the treated area, which typically resolves within a few hours to days. Serious side effects are rare, and the non-invasive nature of the treatment means there is no risk of scarring.

When Will I See the Results? How Long Do They Last?

Get ready to see exciting results from body sculpting with the STAR T-SHOCK! Visible changes can start appearing just a few weeks after the initial treatment, with continued improvement over the following months as your body naturally eliminates targeted fat cells. Multiple sessions spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart are required to achieve optimal results. The longevity of these amazing results can vary based on factors like lifestyle habits and genetics, but with proper maintenance, the benefits can be long-lasting.

Rejuvenate and Discover
Your Best Self

ReJuvU Beauty Haven invites you to discover your best self with body contouring in Davis County. Embrace the power of feeling confident in your own skin. Our dedicated team empowers, educates, and encourages you every step of the way on your journey to self-discovery. Take the first step towards your ultimate confidence and ideal physique, and schedule a consultation for body contouring today.

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