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Treat Skin Imperfections
Using Targeted Light Energy

IPL photofacial, or Intense Pulsed Light photofacial, is a non-invasive skin treatment that utilizes broad-spectrum light to target various skin imperfections. At ReJuvU Beauty Haven, our IPL photofacial treatments use the cutting-edge Spectrum IPL device to deliver precise wavelengths of light deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production and promoting cellular renewal. This results in a reduction of sun damage, age spots, rosacea, acne scars, and uneven pigmentation. The treatment is safe, effective, and requires little to no downtime.

IPL Photofacial Treats the Following Conditions:

  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Rosacea
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Freckles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Redness and flushing
  • Vascular lesions
  • Unwanted hair

How Does IPL Photofacial Work?

Acne Reduction
IPL photofacial for acne reduction operates through a process called photothermolysis. The broad-spectrum light emitted by the IPL device penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the hemoglobin in blood vessels and the porphyrins in acne bacteria. This generates heat, which destroys the bacteria responsible for acne outbreaks. Additionally, IPL stimulates collagen production, promoting skin regeneration and reducing acne scarring over time.

Vascular Lesion Removal

Vascular lesions such as spider veins and broken capillaries are effectively treated with IPL photofacial. The light energy emitted by the IPL device is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood within these vessels, causing them to coagulate and eventually be absorbed by the body. Over time, as your body metabolizes and absorbs the damaged blood vessels, the spider veins fade away, and your skin looks clearer and more even-toned.

Pigmented Lesion Removal

IPL photofacial is highly effective in targeting excess melanin in pigmented lesions such as sunspots, age spots, and freckles. The melanin absorbs the light energy emitted by the IPL device, which breaks down the pigmented cells without harming the surrounding skin tissue. Over time, the fragmented pigmentation rises to the skin’s surface and naturally sheds, revealing a more uniform complexion.

Hair Reduction

IPL photofacial for hair reduction utilizes selective photothermolysis to target melanin within the hair follicles.

The light energy emitted by the IPL device is absorbed by the melanin, heating and damaging the hair follicles to inhibit future hair growth. Multiple treatments are typically required to achieve optimal results, as IPL is most effective during the hair growth phase (anagen). With each session, hair becomes finer and lighter until it eventually stops growing.

Spectrum IPL Photofacial Offers These Unique Advantages:

  • No needles or incisions required
  • Treats multiple skin conditions
  • Little to no downtime or recovery period
  • Adjustable settings for personalized treatment
  • Gentle on the skin with reduced risk of adverse reactions
  • Stimulates collagen production for ongoing skin improvement

Your Personalized IPL
Photofacial Session

During an IPL photofacial treatment at ReJuvU Beauty Haven, you’ll first consult with our skilled professionals to discuss your skin concerns and goals. Once ready, you’ll relax comfortably as the Spectrum IPL device is gently applied to the treatment area. You may feel a mild sensation of warmth or snapping on your skin as the pulses of light are delivered. The duration of the treatment varies depending on the size and number of areas being treated.

Are There Any Side Effects of IPL Photofacial?

The side effects of IPL photofacial are typically mild and temporary. These may include temporary redness, swelling, or a slight burning sensation in the treated area, similar to a mild sunburn. In rare cases, there may be temporary blistering or changes in skin pigmentation. However, these side effects usually subside within a few hours to a few days. It’s essential to follow all post-treatment care instructions to ensure optimal results.

When Will I See the Results? How Long Do They Last?

The results from IPL photofacial are typically noticeable after just one session, with further improvement seen over the following weeks as your skin continues to regenerate. The number of treatments needed depends on your skin condition and desired outcome, but most guests achieve optimal results with a series of 3 to 6 sessions spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart. Results are long-lasting, but maintenance sessions may be recommended to sustain the benefits.

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