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When you are embarrassed about your brown or yellow teeth, it is easy to improve the appearance of the dental enamel. As you may know all too well, teeth whitening mouth rinses or toothpaste won’t remove the deeper stains on your teeth. In addition, the one-size-fits-all whitening kits that have generic plastic trays aren’t the best way to get a dazzling smile. The trays in these kits are not the proper shape or size to keep the whitening gel against your teeth, leaving you with unattractive spots on some areas of the dental enamel. In some cases, the bleaching gel will drip on your gums, tongue or interior facial cheeks, causing discomfort that lasts for several days.

Fortunately, our professional can whiten your teeth during a simple in-office treatment. Rather than having spotted teeth after using a teeth whitening kit that you bought over the counter, you can have dental enamel that is an even color, including the spaces between the teeth. Our professional will explain the details of the treatment and what you can do in order to have the best outcome. Before you know it, you will have teeth that are dazzling rather than dull.

Keep Your Teeth White

After whitening your teeth, you can keep a dazzling smile by following our recommendations that will most likely include avoiding foods or beverages that will stain your teeth. These beverages can include red wine or grape juice along with foods such as tomatoes or pomegranates. It is also essential to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and you should also floss your teeth once a day and keep up your regular dental visits.

Experience the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

As we mentioned, OTC teeth whitening kits can only go so far, and in many cases, they can do more harm than good for your teeth and oral health. When you opt for teeth whitening at our office, you can come in for a quick treatment that is customized based on your goals and needs. The experience is designed to be fast and convenient, even for those with busy schedules.

To learn more about whitening your teeth with a team of experienced professionals, set up a time to visit ReJUVU Day Spa & Beauty Haven in West Point, UT. We would be more than happy to evaluate your teeth and help you achieve your dream smile. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started!
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