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ReJuvU has what you need on your wellness journey.

What would it take to make you feel like the best version of yourself? The question may seem large, but chances are good that the answer deals with the smallest details. We may say, “I’d be better off if I could wake up just 15 minutes earlier each day,” or, “I’d like to spend more time on myself.” In fact, when faced with a question like this, we often think about what we need most at the intersection of time and wellness.

ReJuvU Day Spa knows how hard it can be to find agreement between the items on your schedule and the items on your self-care wish list. Our Day Spa arose out of the desire to help you become that best possible version of yourself. But being a “better version” isn’t always about big improvements. Small changes, like having a regrettable tattoo removed or just taking an hour to relax, can give us the energy and confidence we need to identify and make those bigger changes.

When you’re confident in the way that you look, you’re confident in the way that you behave. Finding agreement between the outward and the inward allows us to move on. Here’s just a sampling of how ReJUVU can help you find balance so that you can make the changes you need.

For the Skin

In a certain manner of speaking, as goes the vehicle, so goes the passenger. We give our bodies the attention they need so that we can attend to our minds. Feeling good and thinking clearly are closely related, and to support one is to support both.

For the skin we’re in, ReJuvU offers numerous restorative, wellness, and confidence-boosting services tailored to your needs. Starting with a chemical peel, you can usher out the dead skin to make room for the new. After that, you can trust photofacials, RF Microneedling procedures, and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapies to use certain wavelengths of light in undoing sun damage. Each procedure is quick, painless, and effective in eliminating blemishes of all types for a smoother complexion and an uptick in your skin’s naturally-produced collagen levels.

Meanwhile, procedures like laser hair removal can pay dividends by giving you more time during the week for whatever you like. Laser hair removal frees you up from irksome waxing appointments or daily shaving routines. When you feel younger and have more time and confidence, your mood and mentality follow suit.

For the Spirit

Sometimes, all you really need is a moment to turn off. When that moment comes, you can trust ReJuvU Day Spa to provide you with the compassionate, intimate, pampering care you need to make the most of your mental and spiritual vacation.

Our facials also go the distance variations and addons. Starting with a facial massage and aromatic oils, our trained massage therapists will put you in the mood before moving on with exfoliation, deep-pore extraction, and a soothing facial mask. Guests can opt for sculpting, radio frequency, ultra-sonic, and retinal enhancer services also for that extra special touch.

Better still, each facial comes complete with a scalp massage in addition to a hand, arm, and foot massage for that extra bit of TLC. Our skincare specialists use top-of-the-line organic body oil from Eminence Organics to moisturize and soften your skin, completing that “good as new” feeling our customers have come to expect.

Fresher, softer, relaxed, reinvigorated—there’s practically no limit to the ways that a good, deep facial experience can make you feel!

For Confidence

The skin and the spirit come together to help us lead more balanced and purposeful lives. Confidence is the product of agreement between our physical bodies and our limitless minds. But when certain physical features make it hard to feel good about ourselves, our spirits similarly suffer.

In many ways, we are the faces we see in the mirror. For a face that matches the mind behind it, there are facial fillers and neuromodulators. Botox and other brand name dermal fillers can contribute to fuller cheeks, poutier lips, smoother brows, and younger skin around the eyes and mouth. Long trusted as a solution for fine lines and wrinkles, Botox and other dermal fillers provide months-long results with only one or two quick injections and virtually no down time.

If an old tattoo is dragging your spirit down, there’s an answer for that at ReJuvU too. Laser tattoo removal is less damaging on average than its chemical counterparts. Depending on the location, size, and pigmentation of your tattoo, you can expect several appointments for the best results. Ultimately, though, it’s about unshackling you from that old decision so that you can move forward.

To improve your confidence, ReJuvU also provides body contouring and shaping procedures to help you tackle stubborn fatty deposits. Other services, like vascular reduction, can eliminate or soften unsightly veins. Whatever’s holding you back, there’s a non- or minimally-invasive procedure at ReJUVU to get you back being your full self.

Me Time

Every last one of us could use a minute or two to work on ourselves. Being your own best version is about achieving the greatest possible agreement between body and spirit—a task that’s often easier said than done.

With ReJuvU in your corner, along for every step of your self-improvement journey, you can rest, relax, and look forward to being the best version of yourself. Make an appointment today for what you need most.

Let ReJuvU guide you on a journey of wellness.

Invite ReJuvU to be your partner when becoming the best version of yourself. If you’re in the market for smoother skin, fuller cheeks, a slimmer stomach, or hairless legs, ReJuvU can get you started today. If all you need is a moment to relax while someone attends to your aches and pains, we can do that too! Check out our full list of wellness services and products and contact us or call us at (801) 525-8348 today! Serving West Point, UT, and all wellness travelers nearby, we’re proud to help you feel better.

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